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Beyond Advertising: Data-Driven Revenue Strategies for Publishers with a DMP

January 25, 2019

When data management platforms (DMPs) appeared over a decade ago, the first use case was powering audience-targeted, or behavioral, advertising. But as the MarTech industry has grown, so have the use cases and applications of a DMP. And the revenue strategies for publishers have grown along with them.

Today, Lotame works with publishers of every shape and size around the world, many of whom are interested in more than just powering behavioral advertising. For publishers who are looking for strategic help on how to make money with a DMP outside of advertising, this guide is for you. Download the guide by filling out the form below to access these money-making strategies:

Making money with your data is not just about selling more ads, although no one is complaining when that happens! If you’re looking to increase subscribers, increase available inventory, or upsell your existing customers, this guide can help.