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Benefits of Unstacked Data Solutions

November 18, 2019

Most marketing clouds sell their products in a full stack. While this can be useful, you often end up paying more for features you don’t need and have limited flexibility in your data solutions. That’s why Lotame offers unstacked data solutions. We’ve organized our products into four distinct product families, and we work closely with you to help determine the combination of products that best fits your business needs. Our core-4 unstacked product families are:

  • Lotame Connect, which enables you to collect, organize and activate customer data. It includes Event-Level Data Collection, Data Onboarding, Cartographer, Data Stream and Consent Management tools.
  • Lotame LAB, which enables you to create, optimize and package high-performing audience segments to improve campaign targeting, expand reach and monetize your data. It includes Audience Builder and Audience Optimizer tools.
  • Lotame Analytics, which helps you analyze your data to learn more about your audience and gain insights that can inform business decisions and improve campaign performance. It includes Audience Analytics and Campaign Analytics tools.
  • Lotame Data Exchange, which is the world’s largest second-party and third-party data marketplace. We also offer the Lotame Private Data Exchange and Lotame TV Data Exchange.

Our unstacked approach to data solutions allows us to offer our clients only the products they need, helping them improve their marketing campaigns and improve their business outcomes. Learn more about the benefits of unstacked data solutions below.

Start Using Unstacked Data Solutions

Greater Flexibility and Specialized Solutions

As the amount of available data increases and the tools used to analyze and activate it become more sophisticated, marketers and publishers increasingly need solutions to help them take advantage of this data and technology. As the data landscape grows, the uses of data are also diversifying and becoming more complex.

  • Solutions for marketers includes tools to improve the targeting of their marketing campaigns, find new audiences and increase engagement. 
  • Solutions for publishers includes tools to help grow their audience, improve their content strategies, monetize their data and drive better results for their advertisers. 

Since data-related needs can differ between companies, many organizations are looking for solutions beyond the traditional one-size-fits-all marketing technology stacks. These stacked solutions force organizations to adopt a particular set of technologies that may or may not be ideal for their needs. Because they are not flexible enough for individual companies to customize them, organizations have to purchase tools that they won’t use.

Unstacked data solutions offer the flexibility today’s organizations are looking for. You don’t have to purchase any tools that won’t be useful for you, and you will be able to mix and match features according to your resources and requirements.

Unstacked Data Solutions Offer Flexibility

The unstacked approach enables you to add capabilities to a stacked product you already use. If you already have a system in place for collecting data, you may only want to add our analytics tool or our audience-building tool. If new needs or challenges arise, you can add new products any time. You can also adopt parts of the full data solution gradually, starting with the fundamentals and adding more over time. An unstacked data solution gives you significantly more flexibility in how you manage your data.

As an independent data solutions provider, we’ve long built custom data solutions for our clients and had a flexible product architecture to help us meet their needs. With the announcement of our unstacked approach, we productized these tailored solutions, making them readily available to all of our existing and new clients.

Lotame is also entirely media-agnostic, so our clients can continue to use their preferred technologies and media platforms outside of our platform. We have integrations with ad servers, demand-side platforms, supply-side platforms, business intelligence tools and other activation platforms. We also offer direct access to our core application programming interface and the billions of data points our platform runs on, enabling you to send your data anywhere you want to. All our features and functionality can help you make your data even more useful to your team.

By taking a more consultative approach in partnering with our clients, Lotame takes the time to understand your needs and goals in order to recommend the right mix of products for you. Throughout this process, Lotame offers hands-on and very strategic support to ensure you are utilizing these products to improve your business outcomes.

Start Using Unstacked Data Solutions

More Cost-Effective Data Solutions

With stacked DMPs, all the tools come bundled in one product. Even if you only need one of the tools, you need to purchase the whole stack. This rigidity increases the cost for companies that may not need or want every feature that comes with the stack. If given a choice, you might opt out of a few tools because you don’t need the functionality or are already using something else that serves the same purpose. Buying a stacked DMP could mean you miss out on potential savings. It could even put the platform out of the price range of some companies.

Buying a Stacked DMP

With unstacked solutions, though, you can choose the exact tools you need, enabling you to create a combination of features that is most cost-effective for your specific situation. You don’t have to purchase any technologies you won’t use, and you can customize your solution to create a unique system that fits your business and gets you the most return on your investment.

At Lotame, we don’t bundle our technology or force you to purchase solutions you don’t need. We’ll talk with you about your challenges and goals so we can recommend the solutions that will help you get the results you want most cost-effectively. Our unstacked approach enables us to do this, as it makes it possible for us to offer you only the technologies you need.

Perhaps you already have some marketing technology and want to add to it to increase its effectiveness. With an unstacked solution, you can accomplish this while keeping your costs under control. As another example, you might not want all the functionality included in a stacked marketing platform. You might also want to start with only a few features and add more as your company grows and your budget allows. An unstacked data solution gives you the flexibility to approach your data strategy in this way, saving you money while still enabling you to get the features you most need.

Lotame: The World’s Leading Unstacked Data Solutions Company

Lotame has long been the leading independent data solutions provider, and our independent status has enabled us to create many bespoke, unstacked solutions for our clients. We recently formally productized these custom solutions with our unstacked approach to data solutions. Instead of the typical stacked approach to marketing technology, which requires you to purchase a bundle of features as one product, we now provide unstacked data solutions so you only need to purchase the technologies that work best for you. We offer unstacked solutions broken out into four main product families — Lotame Connect, Lotame LAB, Lotame Analytics and Lotame Data Exchange.

When you partner with Lotame, we’ll work with you to understand your needs and recommend the solutions that will work best for you. You’ll also get responsive customer service, superior technology, a 100% media-agnostic platform and straightforward pricing.

Our data solutions make collecting, organizing and activating data segments for marketing campaigns, content personalization and other initiatives easier and more effective. Our unstacked approach to data management solutions gives you the flexibility and features you need to grow your audiences, drive purchases and meet your business goals. To learn more about our unstacked solutions and how Lotame can help you grow your business, explore our website or contact us today.

Start Using Unstacked Data Solutions