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Lotame Precision Audiences: Benchmarks Report

November 1, 2018

Audience targeting has increasingly become a focus over the past few years. Marketers rely heavily on data to deliver relevant content to audiences, improve consumer experiences, and make educated business decisions, all on a daily basis. As audience data’s importance continues to grow, marketers are becoming more interested in the quality and transparency of data to ensure they are making the right business decisions moving forward, and reducing wasted ad spend. That’s why Lotame created Precision Audiences: to address data quality head on, and help marketers beat industry benchmarks for on-target accuracy.

For data buyers looking for more information on the accuracy of Lotame Precision Audiences, the Benchmark Guide offers a regional overview of Lotame Precision Demographic Audiences compared to industry benchmarks. This information will provide marketers the data they need when determining their demographic data targeting strategies.

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Lotame’s Data Quality Research Report from July 2018 found that:

  • 25% of marketers are not sure how to measure the success of their audience data
  • 53% of marketers don’t measure demographic data quality
  • Data quality continues to be a challenge for marketers across all verticals
  • Demographic data (age, gender) is purchased more than other data types
  • Imprecise targeting is the number one reason why marketers say their audience
    data buys are not very successful

Lotame Precision Demographic Audiences deliver accurate and validated on-target audiences to customers using the Lotame Data Exchange. Exceeding industry benchmarks, these demographic audiences improve accuracy, maximize scale, and reduce wasted ad spend. Created with our proprietary curation and verification process, Lotame Precision Demographic Audiences are reliable, validated, and globally scaled! Not only that, but they were built to exceed industry demographic on-target benchmarks in most major countries. This process is an industry-first, delivering unprecedented quality and accuracy.