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Answers to Your Top Questions About DMPs and Ad Campaigns

April 3, 2015

We’re often asked to give an overview of how Lotame’s Data Management Platform (DMP) works, and specifically how the platform can help measure and optimize ad campaigns across screens. While the best way to experience this first hand is through a live demo, we’ve come up with a quick Q&A to help give you a high level overview.

Q: What does a DMP do?

At its core, a DMP enables you to aggregate audience data, organize it, and then activate it. Providing a central repository for all your audience data helps you better understand your customers and prospects, which from a campaign perspective helps drive optimization and increased performance.

Q: What kinds of data are available within a DMP?

There’s first-party data – think of this as insights you gather from people as they interact with your sites, apps or ads. What types of content are they consuming, on what device, and what specific actions are they taking? You can combine this site and ad level data with any other first-party data points you may have, such as data from your CRM system or your email marketing platform.

Then there’s third-party data, which comes from Lotame’s global data exchange, as well as our integrations with every major third-party data provider. This third-party data helps fill in any gaps that may exist in your first-party data sets.

Together, these first- and third-party data points provide you with detailed insights into your customers and prospects from both a demographic and behavioral perspective.

Q. OK, but can I work with that data on a campaign-level basis?

Absolutely, that’s one of the main use cases for our DMP. You can leverage the data to develop granular audience segments, which you can then use for ad targeting. Once your campaigns are live, Lotame offers two powerful tools – Lotame Insights and Lotame Audience Optimizer – that enable you to measure campaign efficacy and optimize your campaigns for maximum performance. These tools enable you to understand which data points are performing most effectively and which specific behaviors are driving campaign performance.

Using these insights you can refine your campaigns by removing any behaviors from your audience segments that are negatively impacting performance. You can also use the insights to add scale to your campaigns, by creating lookalike and act-alike audience segments comprising consumers that display the same attributes as the people who are clicking and converting on your campaigns.

Q: What’s the difference between Lotame Insights and Lotame Optimizer?

While the two tools deliver many of the same benefits, the key difference between the two is that Lotame Insights is a more manual tool that provides detailed reporting and enables you to use the insights to inform campaign optimization. Lotame Optimizer is a fully automated tool that uses powerful machine-learning to drive campaign performance.

Ultimately, Lotame’s DMP takes the guesswork out of understanding and targeting audiences; gives you real-time insights to increase campaign performance; and intelligently scales audiences to meet your specific goals. Our goal is to make your campaigns more successful. And with Lotame, this goal is well within your reach.