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Andy Monfried Named Finalist for CEO of the Year by MD Tech Council

The Maryland Tech Council (MTC), Maryland’s largest technology trade association, has announced the finalists for its 29th Annual Industry Awards, and Andy Monfried, Lotame’s Founder & CEO, is on the list for CEO of the Year!

A serial entrepreneur, Andy Monfried, Lotame founder and CEO, started his first company (washing windows) in college. Leveraging grassroots marketing and his love for sales, the company quickly became a success, and Andy learned what it takes to create something from nothing.

In 2006, after facing a life-threatening tragedy overseas, Andy entered the workforce with a fervor for change. He noticed that marketers lacked the data to make educated ad buying decisions. With a passion for creating value at the intersection of data and marketing, Andy disrupted the digital advertising industry with the creation of Lotame, the first data management platform.

With offices in Maryland, NYC, San Mateo, London, Sydney, Singapore and Mumbai, Lotame helps more than 200 brands around the world use data to build stronger connections with their consumers. Andy is constantly looking for new ways to help clients harness the power of data across screens, and in 2016 brought the company’s data expertise from digital to TV with the launch of TV DMP. Because of this innovation, marketers can now target the same niche audiences they have on digital (based on interests and behaviors) across TV networks.

As a leader, Andy’s strongest asset is his ability to maintain a healthy culture and vision. Since its founding, Andy has instituted an unlimited vacation/PTO policy to encourage employees to take as much time as needed so that they remain valuable, productive and happy team members. His goal: never have an employee with the Sunday Night Blues.

Winners will be revealed at a celebration on June 1, 2017 at the Bethesda North Marriott Hotel & Conference Center. The event, which draws more than 800 executives from the technology and life science communities, celebrates individuals and companies that have made a significant impact in their sectors. Finalists for the 2017 Industry Awards Celebration are:

Chief Executive Officer of the Year:

  • Daniel Abdun-Nabi, Chief Executive Officer, Emergent BioSolutions
  • David Affeldt, Chief Executive Officer, GRSi
  • Peter Cannito, Chief Executive Officer, Polaris Alpha
  • Andy Monfried, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Lotame
  • Michael Tessler, President and Chief Executive Officer, Broadsoft, Inc.
  • William (Bill) Weber, President and Chief Executive Officer, KeyW Corporation

Financial Executive of the Year:

  • Barbara Cass, Director, Finance and Accounting, Addx Corporation
  • Robert Edwards, Chief Financial Officer, eOriginal
  • Molly Hill Patten, Senior Vice President, Finance and Operations, Aledade, Inc.
  • Usman Shakir, COO, CFO and Executive Vice President, NIKA

Emerging Company of the Year:

  • Aledade, Inc.
  • Altimmune, Inc.
  • BIS Global
  • eOriginal
  • Sonatype

Government Contracting Company of the Year:

  • Dovel Technologies
  • InfoZen
  • Polaris Alpha
  • TurningPoint Global Solutions LLC
  • VariQ Corporation

Life Science Company of the Year:

  • ABL, Inc.
  • Emergent BioSolutions
  • IDT Biologika GmbH
  • MedImmune
  • Paragon Bioservices
  • Senseonics

Technology Company of the Year:

  • Barcoding, Inc.
  • Broadsoft, Inc.
  • Merkle Group, Inc.
  • PhishMe
  • Tenable

In 2016, Lotame was awarded the Emerging Technology Company of the Year award by the Maryland Tech Council. For more information on the awards or to purchase tickets, visit their website.