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AdShel Enters Exclusive Partnership with Lotame

May 11, 2017

Adshel has entered an exclusive, long-term partnership with Lotame, becoming the first out-of-home media company worldwide to work with the United States-based global advertising technology giant on an exclusive basis.

Adshel’s precise mobile location data is enriched by Lotame’s Data Management Platform (DMP) and Lotame Data Exchange, providing every Adshel location with audience insights comprised of the identified audiences online and mobile demographics, and behavioural and purchase intent profiles at an aggregated, privacy-compliant level.

Through this partnership with Lotame, Adshel will now be able to offer digital audience insights to the out-of-home market, enabling advertisers to target pre-defined Lotame audience profiles across Adshel’s entire network of over 23,000 locations reaching 92% of Australians 68 times a fortnight.

“Allowing media buyers and trading desks to select Adshel inventory against one or more Lotame audience profiles is a game changer for the out-of-home industry locally and internationally, and another example of Adshel leading the industry innovation agenda,” Adshel’s Sales & Marketing Director, David Roddick, said.

“Conversations with agency trading desks and media buyers have been extremely positive. Leveraging Lotame’s established data currency and trusted audience profiles across Adshel’s entire media estate will simplify media buyers’ out-of-home audience targeting, something the team at Adshel has a relentless focus on as the business continues to strive towards ‘personalisation at scale’ via automated technologies.”

Using mobile location data from consenting consumers, including mobile assets within the HT&E group, and external partners, Adshel is able to identify audience movements across every Adshel location by time-of-day and day-of-week, and provide these location datasets to Lotame for audience enrichment. Adshel location audience profiles will be continuously refined via Lotame’s ongoing audience optimisation and updates. As customer behaviours and purchase intentions change, these are reflected in Lotame’s DMP environment and subsequently enriched across Adshel’s out-of-home network.

“We are thrilled to partner with Adshel for many reasons,” said Andy Monfried, Lotame’s CEO. “Adshel is a cutting-edge company who clearly differentiates themselves in Australia, and they are the leaders in out-of-home media. Adshel’s unique understanding, and strategy for how to best communicate with consumers in a way to drive real tangible results is a game changer — and makes them a pioneer, and a strong partner of ours.”

Adshel’s exclusive partnership with Lotame follows the business’ recently announced partnership with Rubicon Project. Adshel will extend its exclusive partnership with Lotame by incorporating Lotame audience profiles in the Rubicon Project Guaranteed Orders platform offering. Media buyers using Adshel’s Guaranteed Orders platform will be able to extend their audience targeted campaigns with the same automation efficiencies they experience in the digital world but with the access to a common audience profile across both Adshel’s digital and outdoor media channels.

Finally, Adshel’s exclusive partnership with Lotame provides not only Adshel but the entire HT&E portfolio of companies a common adtech (Lotame & Rubicon Project) platform across the group to further build product offerings targeted towards one or more Lotame audience profiles.