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AccuWeather Partners with Lotame’s DMP

November 5, 2014

November 5, 2014

AccuWeather Inc., the global leader in weather information and digital media, today announced their partnership with Lotame to deliver even more insights for advertisers and create personalized experiences for AccuWeather users on web and mobile web platforms. Their ability to provide more granular audience segmentation – including demographic and purchase intent data points – will enable advertisers to reach receptive audiences with relevant advertising, making AccuWeather ad experiences as personalized as their forecasts.

“AccuWeather has become the global leader in digital weather information due to our Superior Accuracy and our dedication to and unique patented technology for personalization in serving our audience,” said Marie Svet, Chief Revenue Officer of AccuWeather, Inc. “Lotame enables the creation of highly targeted, one-on-one campaigns for advertisers. Together, we match users with the information they want and ads relevant to them, creating superior user experiences – along with singularly effective campaigns for our advertisers.”

Lotame’s Data Management Platform gives AccuWeather deep, unified views of their mobile and web audience, drawn from a special blend of first-, second-, and third-party sources, allowing AccuWeather to create hyper-targeted advertising solutions. Lotame’s Insights tool helps AccuWeather monitor campaign performance and generate deeper, actionable insights for improved campaign optimization.

“AccuWeather and Lotame have a common goal of reaching audiences with content and advertising that matters most to them,” said Alex Vlasto, SVP of Marketing, Lotame, Inc. “AccuWeather provides the unique weather information users need and Lotame defines highly valuable, personalized audience segments that ensure performance for advertisers. Together, we enhance value for advertisers while effectively serving AccuWeather’s audience.”

Lotame helps publishers, marketers and agencies drive Maximum Audience Impact – maximizing the way they collect, unify, protect, and activate audience data.

“No one has the unique weather and other consumer-targeting that AccuWeather offers to advertisers. As a result, both advertisers and mobile and web users enjoy the most targeted ad experience in the world,” said Barry Lee Myers, CEO of AccuWeather, Inc.