Lotame Strategic Services

Where people and technology meet to drive results.

Lotame Strategic Services (LSS) is a managed service that relies on Lotame’s in-house team of data experts to help you succeed. No matter how advanced your business’s data strategy is, Lotame has the resources, experience, and tech to help you achieve your goals.

Whether you are just starting out and looking for help identifying a strategy, or you have a goal but need more resources to help execute on it, we’ve got you covered. Lotame Strategic Services is broken down into two main functions: Strategy and Execution, but the exact nature of the services offered depends on your company’s particular needs.

Enterprise-Level Data Strategy

If you’re looking for expertise building out and executing on your data strategy, Lotame Strategic Services offers enterprise-level services, including:

  • Consolidated Enterprise Data Strategy Architecture & Deployment
  • Relationship Management Across All Business Units
  • Data Strategy Evaluation and Audits
  • Infrastructure Recommendation and Implementation
Campaign Planning & Analytics

If you’re looking for the expertise needed to plan and execute campaigns to achieve your KPIs, Lotame Strategic Services offers:

  • Campaign Optimization
  • Campaign Wrap-Up Reports
  • RFP Support for Publishers and Agencies
Data Preparation & Maintenance

If data quality is an issue, our team can help you identify, collect, and organize your data assets so that they can be monetized and optimized in the future. These services can include:

  • Data Quality Analysis
  • Categorization of Customer Data
Advanced Advertising Initatives

If you’re looking to increase visibility, engagement and brand awareness, Lotame Strategic Services can help with:

  • Lookalike Audience Creation
  • Customer Journey Optimization
  • Survey Analytics
Content Consumption, Analytics, and Activation

If you’re looking to better understand your consumers, in order to serve them the right content and the most relevant brand messaging, LSS can help. We offer:

  • Site Analytics
  • Audience Strategy
  • Audience Building
Strategic Sales Planning

If you are a publisher looking to position audience products in a meaningful and differentiated way to increase revenue, we offer Strategic Sales Planning. This includes everything needed to help your sales team hit the ground running, such as:

  • Sales Consultation
  • Creation of Marketing Materials

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We are always working to get the most out of our audience data. Data is the engine powering our ability to deliver more personalized, premium content to readers, as well as reach more niche audiences for our advertisers. Partnering with Lotame allows us to more effectively and efficiently manage and evaluate our data so that we can execute and monetize against it in the best possible ways.
Andrew Reale, SVP, Digital Business Operations at Tribune Publishing