This blog post originally appeared on the Lotame Tech Blog on March 22, 2012. 

People are always talking about “game changers.” Let’s talk about a game winner: G.O.A.L.  Goal-driven Optimized Audience by Lotame brings on-the-fly understanding and optimization of data into real world applicability.  G.O.A.L.-based audiences in Crowd Control offer the most powerful tools in the DMP space to date, allowing targeted audiences to adapt to their market exposure!

So what exactly is G.O.A.L.? We like to think of it as a tool that takes the guesswork out of meeting your advertising campaign goals. Rather than someone manually changing a campaign or an audience to drive better performance and customer engagement, G.O.A.L automates this process. All you have to do is select the goal you are trying to reach, and our tool will do the work for you.

Most people automatically assume the campaign goal they want to reach is an increased click-through rate. But G.O.A.L. can be used for optimizing other targets too.  Your KPI (key performance indicator) will vary from campaign to campaign, and can really include any interaction you want customers to have with your material, which isn’t just limited to advertisements.

What can G.O.A.L. optimize beyond just CTR? Some examples include:

View-Through: You’ve got a big campaign running across a few of your sites, and you want to ensure that a certain tag fires for members of your audience who have visited your site and seen the ad. With G.O.A.L., you can pre-define who you think your audience might be, and learn over time what members of your audience really fit into that crowd. In short, optimizing for view-through is an attempt to increase the number of impressions viewed during an advertising campaign.

Video Completion: You think you know who among your audience will really be interested in that video demonstration for homemade sushi, but Crowd Control will really figure it out. First you define the audience you believe most likely to appreciate this content. Then you create an opportunity behavior indicating your audience members have seen the opportunity to view this demonstration on the front page of your site. Finally, you determine that anyone who actually plays the video to completion must really be interested in the art of homemade sushi and set that as the goal. And upon achievement of that goal, you ensure that an appropriate tag is fired for that audience. Automatically Optimized Homemade Sushi Artisans; what an audience!

Sharing or “Liking”: Your marketing team is really interested in getting more “likes” for a new product on Facebook. With G.O.A.L., you can optimize for your audience members to share or like a product, so that your campaign gets exactly the results that you are looking for.

Survey Completion: You’ve got a survey that needs thousands of responses to mean anything to your organization. And you’ve got a pretty good idea of who among your audience might be most likely to answer this survey, but this is the first survey you’ve ever run on the site. Let Crowd Control figure it out for you. Define your initial audience as some relatively large subset of your entire audience. Then define your opportunity behavior as “had the chance to open the survey by clicking on the link.” Next, define your Goal as “completed the link.” And then really optimize by defining a tag that will automatically open the survey for members of the G.O.A.L. audience – people who’ve shown a real likelihood to be the sort who will care to complete your survey.

Intra-site Navigation: Are you trying to get your site visitors to one particular page of your site? Maybe you want them to fill out a “request us” form, or to check out the new research page of your company’s website. By selecting a visit to a particular URL as your KPI, G.O.A.L. will help you get more people to the webpage you want.

Completed Purchase: Any measurable KPI can be optimized against using G.O.A.L. And if you aren’t sure which one might work best, you can try a few different KPIs. There is no downside, because the outcome will always be a better-performing campaign. The beauty of this tool is that the hard part is taken out of your hands, and the optimization is automated. So you can get back to all the other tasks you have on your plate.