Leading DMP helps top political consultancy find the right voters

Data-driven leader Lotame announced today that political consultancy Targeted Victory will use Lotame’s data management platform to gather, manage and activate data across all of the campaigns on which Targeted Victory works in 2012.

The companies have worked closely together in the past, notably when Lotame and Targeted Victory helped Marco Rubio win a seat in the U.S. Senate. As the 2012 campaign heats up, campaign-finance analyst Sheila Krumholz estimates that campaigns and causes will spend at least $6 billion on advertising, and an unprecedented portion of the total spend will go online. Targeted Victory can now access and apply actionable audience data across all political campaigns within Lotame’s intuitive data management platform, Crowd Control. The result is a quicker and more efficient approach to managing digital buys at scale. Targeted Victory says that’s a crucial shift.

“We're building the best targeting system in politics,” said Targeted Victory Co-founder Michael Beach. “And Lotame’s Crowd Control data management platform is bringing us to the next level. Because we can now use Crowd Control on our own, we’ve brought a lot more of our media buying in-house. We’ve expanded our team.”

Targeted Victory works only on conservative campaigns, and is now able to analyze those campaigns’ data in a way no one else can. Lotame’s Crowd Control can study the actions people take on different websites, and can correlate those actions with data from surveys and email. It can bring offline information, such as voter registration data, online in a way that is anonymized and privacy-safe — ensuring that candidates’ messages reach the right voters.

“Conservative voters are spread out all over the place,” Beach said. “They’re hard to find using geographic targeting. That's why Lotame's data is so helpful.”

Targeted Victory’s clients include the presidential campaign of former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney.

“Even the best campaign message is wasted if it falls on the wrong ears,” said Lotame CEO Andy Monfried. “We’re pleased to empower a partner as nimble and smart as Targeted Victory to help its candidates reach the voters and prospective voters they want to reach. We look forward to working together on the exciting campaigns of 2012.”

Elements of this story first appeared in the New York Times and in Adotas. Click here to see a video blog post from Michael Beach and Andy Monfried

About Lotame

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About Targeted Victory

Targeted Victory (TV) is a leader in online advertising, mobile communications, social networking, and integrated data management for political candidates and causes. Along with our technology services, we provide comprehensive web design and development services and strategic campaign management.  Targeted Victory offers services in four core areas: mobile communication, online advertising, new media planning and integrated data management. We provide all of our clients with a custom strategy to best achieve their organizations goals, incorporating a combination of these core services and others that fit your needs.  For more information, please visit: www.targetedvictory.com.